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Chiang Rai City is 200 kilometres northeast of Chiang Mai City, Changwat Chiang Mai; 62 kilometres south of Amphoe Mae Sai and the Myanmar border; 60 kilometres southwest of Amphoe Chiang Saen on the Mae Khong across from the People's Democratic Republic of Laos; and 90 kilometres north of Phayao City, Changwat Phayao.

The Mae Kok River runs along its north side, flowing from west to east and eventually merging with the Mekong River. 12.5% of the population belong to the hill tribes, a collective term for the minority ethnic groups in the North of Thailand such as the Karen, Akha, Lisu, Meo, and Muser.

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From archaeological discoveries, it is believed that the area was one of the oldest communities in Thailand dating back to the prehistoric period.

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