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This is considered to be as a great opportunity for FHT to build a strong relationship with one of the most highly renowned universities in Indonesia.

It’s also to the credit of Amatara that for a self-described ‘wellness’ resort, it grants its guests near-total independence. What’s remarkable is that Amatara has received so little by way of international press, and I suspect it’s because Phuket still has a reputation as a party island visited solely by gap-year students determined to test the resilience of their livers night after night.

Depending on the country, these prices may not include taxes, may include VAT only or may include all taxes (VAT and city tax).

It has been brought to our attention the false claim by Phuket Research Forum, that Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FHT), Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Phuket Campus has been involved with conferences to be organized by this organization in Bangkok and Phuket.

To put it another way, unlike some ‘wellness’ retreats, with their communal meals and super-cheerful, seize-the-day attitude, no one will force you to drink the green sludge that boosts immunity, detoxifies the liver, makes you taller, or gives you strength in battle (the exact list of benefits escapes me), though the option remains. But the atmosphere on the beautiful eastern coast is far removed from the go-go bars and happy endings (wink, wink) of the western major towns.

And for those that would like their hand held a little, there are ‘holistic wellness retreat programmes’ in which you can enrol, and a number of fat-burning, muscle-building, no doubt pain-inducing exercise classes, such as Muay Thai cardio, or yoga, or outdoor cycling, which doubles up as a tour of the area surrounding the resort.


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